Capital – Darromar, formerly known as Ithmong

Population: 3,000,000 Adults


  • Human 35%
    • Urban 1/7
    • Rural 6/7
  • Elves 13%
    • Primarily settled in the Wealdath and Mytharan Woods that seperate Tethyr from Amn
    • Evenly split between the native Suldusk and immigrant Elmanesse tribes.
  • Remaining percentage includes low numbers of:
  • Gnones
    • Viewed as a rarity in Tethyr, although more numerous here than in any other nation west of the Sea of Fallen Stars.
  • Half Elves
    • Generaly accepted by most humans, but not necessarly by the native elven population. A notable exception is the human/ elven population of Mosstone, where half elves are accepted without prejudice by the community as a whole.
  • Half Orcs
    • Typically viewed as abberations and monsters by most of the population of Tethyr. \
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